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Domestic power plugs and sockets are devices that connect the home

 appliances and portable light fixtures commonly used in homes to the commercial power supply so that electric power can flow to them.

Power plugs are male electrical connectors that fit into female electrical sockets. They have contacts that are pins or blades which connect mechanically and electrically to holes or slots in the socket. Plugs usually have a live or hot contact, a neutral contact, and an optional earth or ground contact. Many plugs make no distinction between the live and neutral contacts, and in some cases they have two live contacts. The contacts may be brass, tin or nickel plated.






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Blakeslee Electric Inc   
14 W 3rd St, Santa Rosa, CA 707 545-6393

Herndon Electric
PO Box 274, Calistoga, CA 707 942-5553

Long Electric 
870 Napa Valley Corporate Wy#d, Napa, CA 707 252-3512

Myles Davis Electric Inc
Calistoga, CA 707 942-4541

Weems Electric
707  974-4261

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Power sockets are female electrical connectors that have slots or holes which accept the pins or blades of power plugs inserted into them and deliver electricity to the plugs. Sockets are usually designed to reject any plug which is not built to the same electrical standard. Some sockets have one or more pins that connect to holes in the plug.
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