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Recycling is the reprocessing of materials into new products. Recycling generally

 prevents the waste of potentially useful materials, reduces the consumption of raw materials and reduces energy usage, and hence greenhouse gas emissions, compared to virgin production.

Recyclable materials, also called "recyclables" or "recyclates", may originate from a wide range of sources including the home and industry. They include glass, paper, aluminium, asphalt, iron, textiles and plastics. Biodegradable waste, such as food waste or garden waste, is also recyclable with the assistance of micro-organisms through composting or anaerobic digestion.

There are two common household methods of recycling. In curbside collection, consumers leave presorted recyclable materials in front of their property to be collected by a recycling vehicle. This si thre main systme in the Napa Valley for most recyclibles such as cans, plastics, bottles, some metals, paper and yard waste. Electronics, computers and oil however must be tqken to a location to be recycled. With a "bring" or carry-in system, the householder takes the materials to collection points, such as transfer stations or civic amenity sites.

Recycling is beneficial in two ways: it reduces the inputs (energy and raw materials) to a production system and reduces the amount of waste produced for disposal.

A study conducted by the Technical University of Denmark found that in 80% of cases, recycling is the most efficient method to dispose of household waste.
Some materials like aluminum can be recycled indefinitely as there is no change to the materials. Other recycled materials like paper require a percentage of raw materials (wood fibers) to be added to compensate for the degradation of existing fibers. Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy cost of processing new aluminium  because the melting temperature is reduced from 900 C to 600 C. It is by far the most efficient material to recycle. Recycling plastic saves 70% of the energy used in creating new plastic, and paper recycling saves 40% of the energy required to make a new product.


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Berryessa Garbage Svc Inc - Garbage Collection
6095 Steele Canyon Rd, Napa, CA 707-226-9543

Cal Tech Environmental - Waste Disposal Hazardous
25298 Sherry Dr, Napa, CA 530-221-5083

Clover Flat Landfill - Dump - Landfill
4380 Silverado Trl, Calistoga, CA 707-963-7988

Devlin Road Transfer Station - Dump - Landfill
889 Devlin Rd, American Canyon, CA 94503 707-252-0500

Freon Free - Freon Disposal
409 D Railroad Ave, Suisun, CA 707-429-9013

Golden State Debis Box
820 Levitin Wy. , Napa, CA 707-255-3414

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
Open FRI -SAT 9am - 4pm
889A Devlin Rd, American Canyon, Ca 94503  800-984-9661

N Ca Fiber & Recycling Svc - Recycling
3314 Scenic Dr, Napa, CA 707-224-3354

Napa Recycling & Waste Svc
- Recycling - Garbage Collection
820 Levitin Way, Napa, CA  707-255-5200

NapaMax Online Materials Exchange
Exchange your unwanted items

Potrero Hills Landfill  - Dump - Landfill
3675 Potrero Hills Ln, Suisun City, CA 707-429-9600

Regional Disposal Company
889 Devlin Rd Napa Ca 707 25209500

Steel Mill Supply of Napa Inc - Recycling
659 S Napa Junction Rd, American Canyon, CA 707-642-2835

Tomra Recycling Network 
- Recycling
874 Jackson St, Napa, CA 707-258-0714

Unique Recycling Corp
- Recycling
3231 California Blvd, Napa, CA 707-251-9567

Upper Valley Disposal Svc
- Garbage Collection
1285 Whitehall Ln, St Helena, CA 707-963-7988

Upper Valley Recycling
- Recycling
4380 Silverado Trl, Calistoga, CA 707-963-7988

Valley Recycling & Disposal - Waste Disposal
3216 Vichy Ave, Napa, CA 707-252-4312

Waste Abatement Resources - Waste Disposal
2462 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa, CA 707-258-0315

The resources being processed are purer, less energy is needed to process them and less energy is needed to transport from the place of extraction (e.g. bauxite/aluminium ore mines in Brazil or coniferous forests in Scandinavia).

This reduces the environmental, social, and usually the economic costs of manufacturing.

For example, bauxite mines in Brazil displace indigenous people, create noise pollution from blasting, machinery and transport, and create air pollution in the form of particulates (dust). The habitat loss and visual destruction is also negative both to the aesthetic qualities of the areas and the local environment. However, the mines do provide employment and revenue to the local population and economy, promoting development of the country as a whole.

The most commonly used methods for waste disposal (landfill, pyrolysis, incineration) may be environmentally damaging and unsustainable. Therefore any way to reduce the volume of waste being disposed in this fashion may be beneficial. The maximum environmental benefit is gained by waste minimization (reducing the amount of waste produced), and reusing items in their current form such as refilling bottles.


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