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An architect

is a person who is involved in the planning, designing and oversight of a building's construction. The word

 "architect" is derived from the Latin architectus or from the Greek arkhitekton. In the broadest sense an architect is a person who translates the user's needs into the builder's requirements. An architect must thoroughly understand the building and operational codes under which his or her design must conform. That degree of knowledge is necessary so that he or she is not apt to omit any necessary requirements, or produce improper, conflicting, ambiguous, or confusing requirements. Architects must understand the various methods available to the builder for building the client's structure, so that he or she can negotiate with the client to produce a best possible compromise of the results desired within explicit cost and time boundaries.

Architects must frequently make building design and planning decisions that affect the safety and well being of the general public. Architects are required to obtain specialized education and documented work experience to obtain licensure, similar to the requirements for other professionals, with requirements for practice varying from place to place.

The most prestigious award a living architect can receive is the Pritzker Prize, often termed the "Nobel Prize for architecture." Other awards for excellence in architecture are given by national regional professional associations such as the American Institute of Architects and Royal Institute of British Architects. Other prestigious architectural awards are the Alvar Aalto Medal (Finland) and the Carlsberg Architecture Prize (Denmark). (Continue).


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Nichols Architects     707-996-0164
Award Winning Architect with 25 Years Experience
High End Residential Architect
Commercial Projects Welcome Email
Business Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri

Taylor Lombardo Architects
529 Commercial Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94111
415 433-7777 707-944-9052 . email

Alphabetical Listings

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Aesthetics In Architecture
1303 Jefferson St # 120b, Napa, CA 94559-2442 707 257-1977
A J Moore Association
1038 Stonybrook Dr, Napa, CA 94558-5219 707 253-9310
Architectural Network Inc.
Space Planning-Interior Design
1303 Jefferson St., Suite 115A, Napa, Ca 94559 707 253-2600 email
Backen & Gillam Architects
1028 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574-2011 707 967-1920
Bouligny & Association
497 Silverado Trl N, St Helena, CA 94574-9619 707 963-3013
Bylund BIll
1560 Railroad Av, St Helena, CA 94574-9665 707 963-2479
Clark Donald J
355 Crystal Springs Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9665 707 963-2479
Craiker Associates Architects & Planning
1801 First St, Napa, CA. 94558 707 224-3739
Davies Lawrence-Architect & Planning
68 Coombs, Studio 9, Napa Ca 94559 707 257-4539
Faherty, Thomas P
1560 Railroad Av, St Helena, CA 94574-1850  707 936-1466
Gianelli, Robert J Architects
14 Oak Grove Wy, Napa, CA 94558 707 255-8887
Golik G Jay
68 Coombs St, Napa, CA 94558 707 264-8660
Gregory Robert R
1485 Main St # 301, St Helena, CA 94574-1850 707 963-7650
Hayes Douglas
Po Box 588, Calistoga, CA 94515-0588 707 942-5107
Holland Wayne
1325 Loma Vista Dr, Napa, CA 94558-9443 707 226-7309
Hurley David Jeremiah Architect AIA
St Helena, CA 94574 707 942-2244
Inman Juliana
2133 1st Ave, Napa, CA 94558-3828 707 226-5304
Dean Jones Architects Planners
Custom Homes - Thoughtful Renovations - Planned Communities
855 Bordeaux #100, Napa, CA 94558  707-255-4422  415-435-4516 email
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