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is the branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. The field is commonly divided in the branches of congenital heart

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 defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Physicians specializing in this field of medicine are called cardiologists. Cardiologists should not be confused with cardiac surgeons who are surgeons who perform cardiac surgery - operative procedures on the heart and great vessels.

CT of the heart is a new and emerging technology that has the capability of visualizing the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac structure and function by utilizing X-rays. Starting from a very basic CT scan, the technology has rapidly evolved into an extremely sensitive and robust technology that holds a significant promise for the study of cardiac structure and function in the future. Invented by EMI labs in England, CT has come a long way in detection of coronary and other diseases. Currently the CT scans have anywhere between 16 to 64 rows of detectors that are responsible for acquiring images of the tissues. A 64 detector CT can acquire a full scan of the heart in less than 20 seconds








Cardiologist  FACC -  A medically qualified specialist in internal medicine who has subspecialty in the diseases of the heart and blood vessels and does cardiac risk evaluations through EKG, cholesterol testing, Doppler ultrasound, 24 hr cardiac rhythm analysis and treatment, education, and pacemakers etc.

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Andrews Daniel Eddins III MD
"Keeping you and your heart healthy" - Click on our name for details
1131Trancas - Napa ca 94558 707 257-7752
Breneisen, Jeffery RD FACC
Board Certified 
Cardiology Consultants Of Napa Valley
3443 Villa ln, Napa Ca 94558 707 253-8280

Cardiology Consultants Of Napa Valley
3443 Villa Ln # 2, Napa Ca 94558    707 253-8280

Sergio M. Manubens MD FACC
James P. Srebro MD FACC
Andrew Wong MD
Harris Jr,  Glen A MD FACC
Loftis, P Michael MD
Breneisen, Jeffery RD FACC

Harris Jr,  Glen A MD FACC
3443 Villa Ln # 2, Napa Ca 94558 253-8280
Kim Ilkyoon MD
660 Sanitarium Rd # 306, Deer Park Ca 94576   707 963-6383
Lies James E MD FAIC
660 Sanitarium Rd , Deer Park, Ca 94508 
 707 963-4997
Loftis, P Michael MD
3443 Villa Ln # 2, Napa Ca 94558 707 253-8280
St Helena 707 963-2750
Park Jeong Sik MD FACC
Deer Park 707 963-2759
Manubens Sergio M MD FACC
3443 Villa Ln # 2, Napa Ca 94558 707 253-8280
Srebro James P MD
3443 Villa Ln # 2, Napa Ca 94558 253-8280
Wong Don F MD
1100 Trancas St # 205, Napa Ca 94558 253-7337
Wong, Andrew K  MD FACC
3443 Villa Ln # 2, Napa Ca 94558 707 253-8280
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