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A blacksmith is a person who creates objects from iron or steel by forging the metal -

using hand tools to hammer, bend, cut and otherwise shape it in its non-liquid form.

Farriers usually specialize in horseshoeing, focusing their time and effort on the care of the horse's foot.

 Blacksmiths create such products as wrought iron gates, grills, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils and weapons. A skilled blacksmith can, with minimal effort, make a sophisticated product that looks good and demonstrates ingenuity.

A blacksmith who works primarily with horses, especially making and fitting horse shoes, is called a farrier. All ferriers are blacksmiths but not all blacksmiths are farriers.



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Annie's Horseshoeing
3609 Beckworth Dr, Napa, CA 707 252-7360

Kim Magill Horseshoeing
Napa, CA 707 224-0990

Redhawk Farrier Service  707 287-0425 

Timm Brothers Horseshoeing
1030 1st Ave, Napa, CA 707 251-1501
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  A farrier is a specialist in equine hoof care, including the trimming and balancing of a horse's hoof so as to fit shoes to the horse's foot. A farrier couples a subset of the blacksmith's skills (fabricating, adapting, and adjusting metal shoes) with a subset of veterinary medicine (knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the lower limb) to address the care of the horse's feet.

At one time, farrier and blacksmith were all but synonymous. A farrier's work in colonial America or pre-industrial revolution Europe would have included horseshoeing as well as the fabrication and repair of tools, the forging of architectural pieces, etc. Today, farriers usually specialize in horseshoeing, focusing their time and effort on the care of the horse's foot. For this reason farriers and blacksmiths are considered to be in separate, albeit related trades.

A farrier's routine work is primarily hoof trimming and shoeing. In ordinary cases it is important to trim each hoof so that it retains its proper orientation to the ground. If the animal has a heavy work load, works on abrasive footing, needs additional traction, or has pathological changes in the foot, then shoes may be required.

Additional tasks for the farrier include dealing with injured and/or diseased hooves and application of special shoes for racing, training or "cosmetic" purposes. In cases of horses with certain diseases or injuries, special reparative procedures may be needed for the hooves, and then special shoes may need to be constructed and fitted.


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