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Cremation and funerals

Cremation is the process of reducing human remains to basic elements in the form of bone fragments through flame, heat, and vaporization.Contrary to popular belief, the cremated remains are not ashes in the usual sense, but rather dried bone fragments that have been pulverized in a device called an electric cremated remains processor. This leaves the bone in a fine sand like texture and colour, able to be scattered without any foreign matter.

Cremation may serve as a funeral or postfuneral rite that is an alternative to the interment of an intact body in a casket. Cremated remains, which are not a health risk, may be buried or immured in memorial sites or cemeteries, or they may be legally retained by relatives or dispersed in a variety of ways and locations.









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Claffey & Rota Funeral Home
1975 Main St, Napa, CA 94559-1240  707-224-5210
Morrison Funeral Chapel
975 Vintage Avenue, St. Helena, CA 94574   707 963-3536
Napa Valley Memorial Park
2383 Napa Vallejo Hwy, Napa, CA 94558-6242  707-255-3433

Neptune Society Of California
1261 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533-4800  707-422-4900

Richard Pierce Funeral Services
1660 Silverado Trl,  Napa, CA 94559-1414 707-226-7444
Treadway & Wigger Funeral Home
623 Coombs St, Napa, CA 94559-2975  707-226-1828
Tulocay Cemetery
411 Coombsville Rd, Napa, CA 94558-3957 707-252-4727
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A funeral is a ceremony marking a person's death. Funerary customs comprise the complex of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead, from the funeral itself, to various monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honour. These customs vary widely between cultures, and between religious affiliations within cultures. In some cultures the dead are venerated; this is commonly called ancestor worship. The word funeral comes from the Latin funus, which had a variety of meanings, including the corpse and the funerary rites themselves.

Funeral rites are as old as the human culture itself, predating modern homo sapiens, to at least 300,000 years ago. For example, in the Shanidar cave in Iraq, in Pontnewydd Cave in Wales and other sites across Europe and the Near East, Neanderthal skeletons have been discovered with a characteristic layer of pollen, which suggests that Neanderthals buried the dead with gifts of flowers. This has been interpreted as suggesting that Neanderthals believed in an afterlife


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