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American Canyon

Napa County's newest city,  incorporated in November 1991. Located just north of Vallejo and approximately 15 miles south of the City of Napa.

As you drive North on Highway 29, American Canyon is the first Napa County town to greet you; but if it weren't for the road signs, you would almost think you were in Vallejo. In the 1970's and 1980's, developers discovered Vallejo, added subdivision after subdivision; and when they got to the county line, they did not stop. The two cities flow into one another.

American Canyon, which extends down to the Napa River, has a lot of new housing, and this year began adding significant amounts of commercial buildings.  The new American Canyon Center on Highway 29 and a major supermarket plaza recently opened. A new city hall is under construction a little way north.

Population 9,100, according to City Hall. About 25% under age 18, about 25% over 55. Mobile homes are part of the scene.

Total housing units about 2,725 of which 99% are owner occupied (census), a good sign of social stability.

The best San Francisco and East Bay commute in Napa County. Straight shot to Crockett Bridge and down I-80 to Oakland and East Bay. BART stations along the way at Richmond and El Cerrito.

American Canyon is served by Napa Valley Unified School District. Two elementary schools; Donaldson Way and Napa Junction, American Canyon Junior High, Napa and Vintage High Schools.

Academic rankings bounce around but many are well above the 50th percentile, and the high school is hitting the top 30th percentile in the State.




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